• The word trauma gets thrown around a lot these days, and to those who have truly experienced or witnessed a life-threatening (or seemingly so) event, it is not just a word.  It is a living, active disruption of the ability to engage in and enjoy the present, without being hijacked by emotions and behaviors stuck in the past. 

    I believe that trauma is at the root of many of the psychological disorders we see today, including PTSD, dissociation, anxiety, depression, and addictions...to name just a few.  

    When something overwhelming, distressing and frightening happens to a person, they are sometimes unable to process and store it in a normal way.    The part of the brain responsible for this processing goes offline.  Instead the survival system of the brain takes over.  You cannot talk, think or will yourself out of a trauma response, even if the actual trauma took place decades ago. 

    Addressing stuck trauma can be relatively simple, or extremely complex.  But we have come so far in the past couple of decades, developing interventions and treatments to help people resolve their past trauma, and live more freely in the present.

    If you think you may be experiencing some of the effects or symptoms of unresolved trauma, give me a call. 

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