• So you’re not basking in marital bliss?    Perhaps not feeling loved, respected, or heard in your marriage relationship?  The bad news is that you are in good company.  The good news is that things can change.

    It’s been my experience in working with couples that  the marriage relationship didn’t really begin on the wedding day.  It began much earlier, when in our primary relationships we were developing ways of relating, coping and in some cases surviving.  We often bring old wounds into our marriage.  Present day situations with our spouse can trigger them, and cause them to fester.  In response, marriages become tarnished with criticism, contempt, defensiveness, and stonewalling. 

    The first necessary ingredient for successful marriage counseling is commitment on the part of both spouses.    I believe God honors this commitment, and comes alongside to help restore marriages.   Another necessary ingredient is the willingness of each partner to take responsibility.     What has your part been in allowing the marriage to get to this unhappy place? 

    My work with couples includes identifying the unhealthy patterns they are stuck in, and facilitating change.   Learning to communicate in a healthy, respectful way is required for this to be successful.    I believe each partner has the capacity and ability to be a healing agent for their mate.  

    Are you willing to work hard, and reap the rich benefits of a happier, more fulfilling marriage?  If so, let’s get started...

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