• Scars tell a story, some of which are more obvious than others.  I have a relatively new scar that I’m quite certain no one would ever guess the origin of.  In fact, I amuse myself when thinking just how unlikely it is that anyone could acquire a scar similar to mine, even if desperately trying.  


    It’s been  almost exactly a  year now since we moved into a house we had totally remodeled, or more appropriately stated, rebuilt from the ground up.    It was an arduous process.  Settling in was lengthy and full of the frustrations new homes bring.     I was feeling quite good about finally reaching the point where  I was ready to bake the first batch of cookies in my new oven.   Bending over to slide the cookie tray into the middle rack,  I was silently congratulating myself for figuring out how to set the timer.    


    Ten minutes later, after grabbing the hot pads to remove my cookies,  I reached in to retrieve the tray.  It tipped forward and down, as I frantically tried to save my cookies .  In the process, I reached forward with my left arm and somehow managed to brush it against the inside of  the oven.  Not only did I feel the pain; I lost my cookies.    They slid right off the tray  into the crevice of the oven door.  Saying a few choice words, I watched a big, messy blob of cookie batter work it’s way into every possible nook and cranny of my oven door.     And my ‘baking burn’ is beginning to talk very loudly.   


    It took a long time for that  burn wound to heal, and it’s left a permanent scar that I’ve grown to rather like.   The story it tells is rather amusing, and the after effects relatively harmless.    Not so with all scars.  


    There are  so many things that can scar us for life in a much more profound and painful way.  I think the scars we can’t  see are often the worst.  Scars of  emotional,  mental,  and verbal abuse; neglect; abandonment; betrayal.  The list goes on and on.  I don’t think many of us get through life without at least a little scarring.     How we tend to the wounds that lead to scars is of utmost importance.   A wound needs the right kind of treatment to limit the lasting effect it will have on us.    Emotional wounds fester when resentment, bitterness, and hatred aren’t cleansed, soothed, and released.  Sometimes we don’t even know where our emotional wounding came from; but more often we do.   For many people, these types of wounds can receive significant healing in the process of therapy.   As the wounds heal, there might be some scars.  But these scars tell a story; your story.